Meet the Fleet

In BA Virtual Airline, we have a wide variety of aircraft that you can use for short hauls and long hauls; Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and McDonnell Douglas.

Below you will be able to see the huge range of aircraft you fly with on our realistic routes.

The fleet of aircraft in which we have access to is slowly increasing with a huge thank you to the developers at Infinite Flight; Whom work tirelessly to give us some amazing aircraft for all of our Virtual Pilots to enjoy.

Airbus A318-100

British AirwaysG-EUNB

Airbus A319-100

British AirwaysG-EUPY

Airbus A320-200

British AirwaysG-EUYX

Airbus A321-200

British AirwaysG-EUXE

Airbus A380-800

British AirwaysG-XLEA

Boeing B747-400

British AirwaysG-CIVY

Boeing B757-200

British AirwaysG-BPEC

Boeing B767-300

British AirwaysG-BNWM

Boeing B777-200ER

British AirwaysG-YMMG

Boeing B777-300ER

British AirwaysG-STBJ

Boeing B787-9

British AirwaysG-ZBKA

Boeing B787-10

British AirwaysG-BERG

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

British AirwaysG-DCIO

Boeing B737-800


Bombardier CRJ 700

Maersk Air UKG-MRSH